UVA leads a trip to The Bahamas to explore educational partnerships


UVA leads a trip to The Bahamas to explore educational partnerships

Steve Mull meeting with the University of Bahamas president

A delegation from the University of Virginia led by Vice Provost for Global Affairs, Ambassador Stephen D. Mull, visited The Bahamas in August, 2023, to assess prospects of the University's academic engagement. They shared information with students about a new graduate scholarship for Bahamian citizens interested in earning advanced degrees through School of Nursing or School of Education and Human Development.

During the visit, Mull and the delegation also met with the University of The Bahamas President Janyne Hodder and Chair of the University of the Bahamas Board of Trustees, Allyson Maynard Gibson before hosting a working session with academic leaders to explore common interests related to research and educational exchange. Mull also visited officials at the US embassy and other senior government officials.

The visiting delegation met local UVA alumni, parents, and friends and hosted a drop-in session for high school counselors who wanted to learn more about the University of Virginia. The Lyford Cay Foundation have been critical partners in the visit.

“I’m excited to return to the Bahamas, where I started my previous career as an American diplomat,” Mull said.  “The Bahamas has been the site of some of our most interesting study abroad programs for more than 40 years, and I am eager to explore how UVA can deepen its cooperation with this important neighbor of the United States in responding to our countries’ common challenges, particularly in the face of a changing climate.”