About UVA Global

About UVA Global

The Office of the Vice Provost for Global Affairs shapes and implements the University of Virginia’s global strategy, including the development of rich opportunities for its students and faculty to have international experiences in education abroad programs, internships, and globally-focused research collaborations.
The office is also the University’s lead for growing an official presence in every key region of the world, developing and maintaining international academic partnerships, and operating a hub for enhancing globally-oriented content in the University’s curriculum and programming.

UVA’s Global Affairs includes the following components:

Center for Global Health Equity

A faculty-led organization which supports multidisciplinary undergraduate research into factors affecting access to health care around the world, largely through short-term study abroad research grants

Center for Global Inquiry and Innovation

UVA’s globally-focused research arm, which annually funds approximately 80 interdisciplinary research projects.

Global Studies

One of UVA’s most popular undergraduate majors, with six tracks focusing on Global Development Studies, Global Environmental Sustainability, Global Security & Justice, Global Public Health, Global Cultures and Commerce, and Middle East/South Asia.

International Studies Office

The University’s principal office for developing education abroad and credit-bearing global internships and supporting UVA’s international students through the International Students and Scholars Program.

UVA Global LLC:

UVA’s principal entity for managing the University’s overseas presence, including the UVA Office in Shanghai, China.