Like the Waters We Rise


Like the Waters We Rise

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Like the Waters We Rise is a collection of culture, ephemera, and history charting early and recent waves in climate justice organizing, from 1968–2022. 

The scale of the climate crisis we are collectively facing is daunting. This collection of 23 posters and banners offers a portal to an inspiration, a victory, or a teaching about how people-powered action is the most viable strategy we have for building the future. Each screenprint provides viewers with an understanding of climate justice as a rich, intersectional movement of movements driven by a multitude of visions for a better world. Together, they are a call to action. 

Like The Waters We Rise was created as part of a larger exhibition and event series developed with both the Nathan Cummings Foundation (New York City) and Interference Archive (Brooklyn) in 2019–2020. The box set—recently acquired by the School of Architecture—was created in 2022 in collaboration with Booklyn, Inc., an artist-run non-profit that archives and distributes the work of artists and social justice groups, and organized by curator Raquel de Anda and artist-activist Josh MacPhee

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Elmaleh Gallery, Campbell Hall at UVA