Leonardo DiCaprio's Foundation Lends Platform, Megaphone to UVA Climate Expert

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation tapped University of Virginia climate change expert Deborah Lawrence to write about the crucial importance of forests, just ahead of the United Nations’ landmark report on the dire situation the Earth is facing due to rising temperatures.

Commerce School Announces Formation of McIntire Global Advisory Board

McIntire School

As all business is a worldwide endeavor, success requires a strong yet nuanced international perspective. To support the McIntire School of Commerce in its mission to maintain a leadership position in global business education and research, the School has created the McIntire Global Advisory Board (MGAB). Board members will impact current and future business leaders from around the world, and engage with scholars and researchers in business education on Grounds and abroad.

International Partner Program Highlights Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Charlottesville and D.C.

Darden School

Nearly fifty Executive MBA students from Latin America visited Charlottesville and D.C. for an international partner program with Darden’s Center for Global Initiatives. The students, from PAD School of Management in Lima, Peru and INALDE Business School in Bogotá, Colombia, spent the week learning about entrepreneurship and innovation from a general management perspective through cases and classes led by the faculty team of Raul Chao, Tom Steenburgh, Bobby Parmar and Elena Loutskina.

Dancing With Robots

School of Engineering

Laughter and worried sharp intakes of breath occasionally drowned out the subtle whirr of servo motors as teams of first-year University of Virginia engineering students enrolled in an introductory course remotely choreographed the movements of 2-foot-tall humanoid robots. The students directed the French-made NAO (pronounced “now”) robots – which feature stocky legs, narrow hips, high shoulders and hands with two fingers and a thumb – to dance, sometimes to music.

In the Spotlight

In My Room: Artists Paint the Interior 1950-Now

Come to The Fralin Museum of Art from May 18, 2018 to September 30, 2018 to see landscape painting. Landscape painting was first seen in the Minoan frescoes of Crete around 1500 B.C. and artists continue to paint indoor spaces throughout the 20th century for various reasons. Click here to learn more about the exhibit.