In Memoriam: John D. Bonvillian, Who Developed a Simplified Sign Language

John Bonvillian, a pioneer in the field of augmentative and alternative communication who retired from the University of Virginia’s psychology department in 2015, died May 8 in Charlottesville. He joined the faculty in 1978 and also had an appointment in the interdisciplinary linguistics program. Bonvillian, 69, was a developmental psycholinguist who worked for years on developing a simplified sign language that non-speaking children with disabilities, including autism, could easily learn. 

Class of 2018: For Kids and Grownups Alike, Nursing Grad Emily Sun's an Advocate

Nursing School

If Emily Sun’s pockets are full of goodies to distract and delight small fry (from Paw Patrol and superhero stickers to “freezie spray” for a quick numbing before inserting IVs), her head is also a treasure trove of kidstuff. Lyrics to “Frozen” songs. Ana and Else references. Maybe even a ukulele song or two. But Sun, who on Sunday will receive her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Virginia, also knows that pediatric nursing has as much to do with parents as it does with youngsters.

Aly Yarris (Class of 2018) Compares Themes and Lessons from Three of Darden's Global Immersion Courses

Darden School

Before coming to Darden, Aly Yarris worked as a program manager at Stanford University where she designed educational leadership development programs for students. Aly earned a master degree’s in education at the University of Pennsylvania in 2012 before deciding to pursue a business degree. Darden’s tight-knit community, emphasis in the classroom experience and close student-professor relationships were a few of the main drivers in her decision to attend Darden.

UVA Engineers Quadruple Performance of Their Water Purification Tablet

Global Affairs

A ceramic water purification tablet developed at the University of Virginia and used by tens of thousands of people in 40 countries is now four times better than before, thanks to recent innovations in its manufacturing process developed through research at UVA. Called MadiDrop+, the continuously reusable ceramic tablet – small enough to fit in the palm of your hand – disinfects water by slowly releasing safe pathogen-killing silver ions.

In the Spotlight

In My Room: Artists Paint the Interior 1950-Now

Come to The Fralin Museum of Art from May 18, 2018 to September 30, 2018 to see landscape painting. Landscape painting was first seen in the Minoan frescoes of Crete around 1500 B.C. and artists continue to paint indoor spaces throughout the 20th century for various reasons. Click here to learn more about the exhibit.