Jewish Alum Who Funded Palestinian Friend's Tuition is Still Helping Everyone Get Along

Joey Katona, the 2010 University of Virginia graduate said he has always been drawn to conflict – not because he is spoiling for a fight, but because he loves to resolve and learn from it. During his four years at UVA, Katona raised money to pay for schooling for a Palestinian teen he met. 

UVA Astronomer Selected to Guide New Horizons Spacecraft to New, Tiny World

University at Large

NASA selected University of Virginia astronomer Anne Verbiscer as an assistant project scientist to help pick which chunks of rock and ice, among millions, to observe as the spacecraft rushes along at 30,800 mph on its 3-billion-mile journey into deep space. 

Nicolas Turrillas Voboril (Class of 2018) on Global Career Experiences

Darden School

Nicolas Voboril is a second-year student from Santiago, Chile. Before attending Darden, Nicolas worked in the energy industry, focused on natural gas utility. He received his B.E. from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile in 2010. Nicolas is involved in the Latin American Student Association and Soccer Club at Darden.

Digital Map Helps Historians Get Granular with Holocaust Research

University at Large

Waitman Beorn, a lecturer in UVA’s Corcoran Department of History and a consultant to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, has studied the Holocaust from a geographic perspective before and was looking for a way to create an interactive map of the Lviv ghetto and the nearby Janowska concentration camp.