Ester Barbuto (MBA '17) Shares Rich Global Experiences in China, the Philippines, Russia, and South Africa

Since arriving at Darden, Ester worked towards achieving the goals she set for herself, including getting more global exposure in the business arena. Through Darden Worldwide Courses (DWC), she experienced business cultures around the world firsthand, hearing directly from business leaders and visiting their companies.

Global Consulting Project Team Visits Client in Hong Kong

Darden School

In December, Darden Global Consulting Project teams visited their clients around the world. Four students on the JMATEK, Ltd. team, all Class of 2017, conducted their visit to Hong Kong. Due to the project’s nature, the students were able to deliver their suggestions to the client in person, as well as learn more about the company itself.

Manuel Bailo Esteve's Garden House 0.86_Z Wins Award

Architecture School

Associate professor Manuel Bailo Esteve and Rosa Rull Bertran of BAILORULL ADD+ received the award for the best single family house of the Barcelona 7a Mostra Arquitectura del Vallès for Garden House 0.86_Z. The project has been featured in the Vallès Catalan Architects Association of Barcelona and now extends into the Barcelona metropolitan region through an exhibition.

'Big Data' Traces Language Origins

University at Large

University of Virginia linguistic anthropologist Mark A. Sicoli and colleagues are applying the latest technology to an ancient mystery: how and when early humans inhabited the New World. Their new research, which uses “big data” techniques to analyze more than 100 linguistic features, suggests complex patterns of contact and migration among the early peoples who first settled the Americas.

In the Spotlight

New Exhibition: 'Body Ornaments' by Janet Fieldhouse

On Thursday, March 2 at 5 pm, David Tompkins, the Associate Professor of History at Carleton College, is speaking at Nau Hall 211 as part of the Polish Lecture Series. Also, another speaker, Dr. Malgorzata Fidelis of the University of Illinois at Chicago, is coming to speak on Thursday, March 30 at 5 pm at Nau Hall 211. Come join and learn more about it here