Study: U.S. Boycott of French-Sounding Products During Iraq War

Two U.Va. professors examine U.S. consumer boycotts in response to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, finding that sentiment toward France dropped dramatically, particularly among conservative Americans.

Class of 2015: Latvian Excursion Spurs Batten Student to Service

Batten School

Zach Blackburn's interest in policy began in Latvia where he volunteered with his church, and has since bloomed into other international programs such as the Young African Leaders Initiative.

Class of 2015: A Darden Grad’s Journey From Iraq to Investment Banking

Darden School

Derek Rey served seven years as an infantry officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, completing two tours of duty in Iraq, as well as deployments to Guantanamo Bay and the South Pacific. He will graduate with his MBA this May.

Class of 2015: Rafat Khan's Journey to U.Va. began in Bangladesh

University at Large

A student of the McIntire School of Commerce, Khan has become one of the University's biggest cheerleaders during his four years at U.Va.

In the Spotlight

Join the Lorna Sundberg International Center on May 4th at 5:30pm for a talk on “The Happiness Quotient”!

Swami Anubhavananda, the “Be Happy Swami,” is a witty Master of Vedanta and will be sharing his wisdom. With an uncanny ability to simplify spiritual truths, Swamiji never sends back anybody without a smile on their face and a head full of tools for happiness to apply in life. Learn more and register here.