Feeling at Home in Charlottesville


Feeling at Home in Charlottesville

Trisha Gulati is one of the co-directors of international student affairs on UVA Student Council and shares her experience.
Trisha Gulati

risha Gulati is one of the co-directors of international student affairs on UVA Student Council. When she is not attending classes, she likes to play Tennis and sing. Along with the Student Council, she is also actively engaged in the Thai Student Organization, International Relations Organization and Frank Batten Investment Fund.

How did you get interested in joining the international students committee and the student Council?

Gulati: I was nominated by a friend who said I would be a good fit for the role. After learning more about the Student Council and in particular, the international student affairs agency, I realized there was a lot of opportunities to improve resources available to international students on Grounds especially around event planning during breaks and the Career Center for future recruitment purposes.

What are your plans for international students at UVA for this year?

Gulati: This year our main goals include working with the Career Center and active international alumni to increase the availability of recruitment resources by hosting an international student career fair, having guest talks and improving the international student handbook. Moreover, we are hoping to increase opportunities during small breaks by hosting events and increasing the availability of meal kits. Other things include partnering with other organizations particularly majority international multicultural CIO’s around Grounds to help promote their growth by working with them on events and focusing on areas they can grow!

Young Trisha Gulati
Trisha Gulati with her friend in Thailand.

How is your Fall semester going?

Gulati: My fall semester is going well. I have been getting involved in different things around Grounds and feel that I have met some great people this semester! My co-director Lexie and I have formed a very strong partnership over summer and am looking forward to continuing to work with her and all the new members in International Student Affairs. I feel as though I have found a place here in the UVa community in the last year.


What would be your advice to other international students at UVA?

Gulati: In my first semester last year, I would get homesick quite often and it was very difficult to adjust. However, once I started getting more involved in organization on Grounds, I found myself interacting with amazing communities that made me feel more at home. My advice to international students is take as many opportunities as you can get because at the end of the day we all came to Charlottesville from another country to be immersed in a completely new culture and it’s important that we get the best experience that we can!