New Fralin Collection Spotlights International Alumni Pieces

The Arts

New exhibits feature work from India and China as loaned by U.Va. alumni family and friends.

Curry School Dean Presents to Chinese Ministry of Education

Curry School

Justin Thompson spoke at an international symposium on faculty performance evaluations and incentives for educators.

New Music Department Chair Shares Global Work

College of Arts and Sciences

Listen to how Matthew Burtner incorporates sounds of the Arctic into his music.

Architecture Professor Revisions a More Sustainable Hong Kong

Architecture School

Seth McDowell, who is earning recognition among the nation’s top architects, has created a vision of Hong Kong where daily life takes place on an infrastructure made of excess food waste.

International Collaboration Solves Plant Virus Mystery

School of Medicine

A team of U.Va. researchers and their teammates in Taiwan have deployed new microscope technology to study the shape and form of the bamboo mosaic virus.

U.Va. Welcomes Students From 76 Countries this Fall

University at Large

Just over 5 percent of the Class of 2019 comes from foreign countries, with the largest numbers from China, India and Korea.

U.Va. Hospital Receives International "Baby-Friendly" Designation

U.Va. Hospital

U.Va. is one of fewer than 300 U.S. hospitals to be recognized as a Baby-Friendly®, as part of an international initiative led by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund.

Center for Global Health Takes MadiDrops to Tanzania

Center for Global Health

A team of Scholars from the U.Va. Center for Global Health are studying the effects of MadiDrops, ceramic water purification devices that purify household drinking water, in Nzali, Tanzania.

Alum Photographer Shoots Nature Globally


Ian Nichols is now working on a master’s degree in biology at U.Va. and has photographed biodiversity for the Smithsonian Institution in Gabon, Africa and the Congo.

Basketball Alum Speaks on South American Experiences

UVA Athletics

Jerome Meyinsse has played five seasons in South America’s professional basketball leagues for Brazil’s Flamengo club, and speaks both Spanish and Portuguese.

"Cavalier Travels" Takes U.Va. Alum Around the World

University at Large

A University non-profit, "Cavalier Travels" plans high-quality travel excursions with a faculty member that accompanies each trip and provides important in-country context.

U.Va. ROTC Cadets Study Languages Over Summer


Eight U.Va. ROTC students have spent their summers learning a new language, both on Grounds and in foreign countries, through the federally-funded Department of Defense Initiative "Project GO".

U.Va. Astronomer Explains Greenwich Prime Meridian

University at Large

New technology and the use of GPS satellites have led researchers to shift the location of the prime meridian from its original predicted position in Grenwich, England.

Clinical Nurse Leaders Study Abroad in Guatemala

Nursing School

Lauren Catlett and Alena Pugacheva have spent their summer administering sustainable technology surveys in Guatemala.

Students Showcase Summer Experiences

University at Large

U.Va. students, faculty and staff share their summer experiences worldwide through the hashtag #MyUVASummer.

U.Va. Students Intern Around the World

University at Large

From Bangkok to South Africa, a number of U.Va. students have completed internships all around the world before returning back to school in the fall.

U.Va. Named Second Highest-Ranking Public University

University at Large

Forbes has again named the University of Virginia the nation’s No. 2 state university in its annual ranking of America’s Top Colleges.

Graduate Summer Program Spotlights Minority Students

University at Large

Six summer fellows, two of which are from Puerto Rico, learned about research as part of the Leadership Alliance Mellon Initiative, a new fellowship program at U.Va.

Slovak Ambassador Discusses Policy in Central Europe

University at Large

Ambassador Peter Kmec talked innovation and entrepreneurship at the Czechoslovak Society of Arts & Sciences Regional Conference.

A Tale of Two Rotundas

University at Large

Is the Grand Auditorium at Beijing's Tsinghua University modeled on the University of Virginia’s iconic Rotunda?