Johnson & Johnson Internship Brings Student Back to China

Darden School

This summer, Luda is back in China, interning for Johnson & Johnson in Shanghai as a part of their International Recruiting and Development Program, specifically in marketing.

“We Will Leave This Place Better Than We Found It”

Darden School

From the international makeup of each Darden class, to the globally focused courses and case studies, to the world renowned and traveled faculty, one Darden student shares his experience.

UVA Students Work to Rebuild Armenian Community After Earthquake

School of Engineering

An 11-person team of University of Virginia students and faculty is working in Gyumri, Armenia’s second-largest city, to help rebuild and restore parts of the city’s still-affected residential areas.


The Global Effort to Restore the Ozone Layer

University at Large

Dr. Robert Meyer has been instrumental in a global effort to reduce harmful effects to the ozone layer by eradicating CFCs in inhalers used in the treatment of asthma.

Virtual iLab Taps Global Network of Entrepreneurs

Darden School

The “Virtual i.Lab” went live this summer, allowing entrepreneurs in the current incubator class to connect with UVA mentors and resources all around the world.

Preserving Generational Lessons Learned from Senegal's "House of Slaves"

Architecture School

Architectural history professor Louis Nelson is part of an international team working to restore Madame Anna Colas Pépin’s home, the site of one of the most notorious slave trades.

NCAA Champion Swimmer Qualifies for Olympics

Student Spotlight

Rising fourth-year Leah Smith finished second in the women’s 400-meter freestyle, qualifying for Team USA at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Video: Colombia President Presaged Historic Peace Deal in Dome Room

University at Large

Colombia and the country’s main rebel group have now reached a historic peace agreement, ending more than 50 years of hostilities that killed approximately 220,000 people.

Summer Archaeology Class Brings Students to a World Heritage Site

Under the tutelage of Fraser Neiman, Monticello’s director of archaeology, 11 students are spending six weeks in the University of Virginia’s Summer Archaeological Field School at Thomas Jefferson’s home.

Medical School Identifies Radiation Antidote Leads

School of Medicine

Researchers have identified promising drugs that could lead to the first antidote for radiation exposure from a terror attack or a nuclear accident such as Chernobyl.

VIDEO: UVA’s First International Student Went on to Be President in China

Darden School

W. W. Yen graduated from UVA in 1900. He served as Premier of the Republic of China five times and simultaneously as acting President on his last premiership in 1926.

Commerce Students Study Sustainability in Denmark

McIntire School

Twenty-nine McIntire and College students traveled for a two-week course in the tiny country of Denmark to learn about environmental sustainability.

Professor Mixes Traditional African Music for the Electronic Generation

University at Large

Noel Lobley’s association with sub-Saharan Africa began in 2001 with a donkey cart and a few fellow musicians traveling South Africa’s townships to play recordings of traditional African music.

UVA Scholars Use Fulbright Grants for Work and Study Abroad

University at Large

Eight UVA scholars will pursue their work on foreign shores with the help of Fulbright Scholarships this year.

UVA Alum Takes Novel Approach in Congo


A degree in engineering, eight years in the Air Force and a chance meeting at a church in South Korea led a UVA alum to a new life and mission in eastern Congo.

Grant Sends Scholars to Deep-Dive into Foreign Language

University at Large

Eight UVA students will spend their summers immersed in foreign cultures and languages, thanks to Critical Language Scholarships from the U.S. Department of State.

Q&A: Can Disney Make Magic in Shanghai?

Professor Elliot Weiss of the Darden Global Executive MBA program answers some questions about the new resort.

Woodson Fellowship Pipeline Brings International Talent

Edwin Otu investigated the lives of “sassoi,” which translates as “self-identified effeminate men” from the middle and lower classes in Ghana.

D.C. Joins International Effort for Greener Cities

University at Large

The nation’s capital became the latest partner city to sign onto the project, joining major international hubs including Shanghai, Singapore, San Francisco and Wellington, New Zealand.

UVA Professor Lands Danish Grant

College of Arts and Sciences

English professor Rita Felski urges a different approach to interpreting literary works, and her work has earned her a major grant from the Danish National Research Foundation.