Civil Engineering's Courtney Hill Wins First Global Water Initiative Graduate Prize for Outstanding Presentation

School of Engineering

The University of Virginia Global Water Initiative hosted its first Graduate Water Symposium in October, bringing together more than 40 UVA graduate students and faculty who work on water-related issues. Seven of the nine presenters were students from the School of Engineering and Applied Science. One of them — Courtney Hill — was awarded the first Global Water Initiative Graduate Prize for the most outstanding presentation.

International Youth for a Better World

Batten School

The Batten School is embracing this holiday season by recognizing individuals, organizations, and projects that are making a positive impact in the world. Instructions on how to support and give to each cause will be included at the end of every story. University of Virginia founder Thomas Jefferson said, “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” 

Class of 2020 Executive MBA Students Travel to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for Brazil Global Residency

Darden School

The Executive MBA class of 2020 traveled to Sao Paulo, San Jose dos Campos and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a week in early November for a global residency. The residency included company visits to AES Brasil, General Motors, Embraer, Porto Maravilha and Ernst and Young. Among other cultural visits, students visited the Corinthians Arena football stadium and historic sites in Sao Paulo, as well as Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. 

Amid News in Mueller Investigation, UVA Hosts Schiff, Cruz in Nation's Capital

Batten School

Some of the most influential players in American politics – including Democratic U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff of California and Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas – on Thursday joined University of Virginia experts in Washington, D.C. for a robust, if occasionally heated, discussion of American politics at the 20th annual American Democracy Conference, hosted by UVA’s Center for Politics and the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy.

UVA Contemplative Sciences Center to Oversee Dalai Lama Fellows Program

University at Large

The University of Virginia’s Contemplative Sciences Center recently assumed responsibility for one of the world’s most unique and innovative leadership initiatives. Founded in 2010, Dalai Lama Fellows has been dedicated to facilitating the emergence of a new generation of compassionate leaders who are able to bring a commitment to self-reflection and compassion to the work of making a positive difference in communities, and in the world at large.

Startup Travel App Co-Founded by Emily Brockway (McIntire '13) Raises $2.5 Million

McIntire School

McIntire alumna Emily Brockway co-founded travel startup Noken to help people explore new countries for the first time, providing an end-to-end curated experience with recommendations for Iceland, Portugal, and Japan. As she revealed to us earlier this year, the company closed its seed-round funding and has been focusing its efforts on building brand awareness while growing the number of countries the app supports.

Young Alum's Nonprofit Gives the Gift of Education to Hundreds Worldwide


In many ways, Kunal Doshi was living his dream. Originally from Mumbai, India, Doshi came to the United States to attend the University of Virginia, interned at the United Nations, graduated from UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce in 2011 and within months was working in a coveted investment banking job in New York City. He found a lot to like in the investment banking world: smart, motivated colleagues, great learning opportunities and financial compensation. But the hours were long, regularly past midnight, and Doshi felt pressure to make work his first, often only, priority.

Could Ice Spikes on Europa Jeopardize a Spacecraft Landing? A Study Suggests So

University at Large

Sometime in the early 2020s, NASA intends to launch a spacecraft that will orbit and possibly even place a lander on Europa, a moon of Jupiter – an object of much interest because it could harbor conditions that are suitable for the development of life. The moon has an icy surface, and astronomers believe, based on numerous studies, that there may be oceans of liquid water under that ice. Where there’s water, there could be life – though likely in simple forms.

Afghan Refugee Sewing Shop, Launched by UVA Alumna, Poised for Cyber Monday


This is Saleha Akhbari’s story and it leads, in a surprising way, to this year’s “Cyber Monday,” the massive online holiday shopping spree that explodes the Monday after Thanksgiving. Akhbari’s family relocated to Charlottesville from Kabul, Afghanistan, about a year and a half ago to escape the violence in their war-torn homeland. Choosing to leave behind family and friends was a difficult, but necessary, choice. 

Latin American Student Association President, Felipe Terrazas Martins (Class of 2019), Discusses Club Leadership, International Alumni Network and Post-Grad Goals

Darden School

Felipe Terrazas Martins (Class of 2019) was born in Brazil and grew up in Chile. Felipe attended the Universidad de Chile in Santiago and worked as a portfolio manager for Zurich Financial Services before becoming an associate at BlackRock. He held both of these positions from his home in Santiago, Chile before moving to the U.S. to pursue his MBA at Darden. As president of Darden’s Latin American Student Association (LASA), Felipe is eager to continue many of the organization’s social and professional events and to implement new ideas and collaborations.

Clinic Opposes Pardon for Human Rights Criminal

School of Law

The International Human Rights Clinic at the University of Virginia School of Law has filed an amicus brief arguing that the Supreme Court of Peru should strike down a pardon for former President Alberto Fujimori, who was convicted of heinous human rights crimes. Fujimori, who served as Peru’s president from 1990-2000, was convicted in 2009 and sentenced to 25 years in prison for his role in murders and kidnappings committed by anti-communist death squads.

Meet Paul Hamaguchi, Darden Grad and Soy Sauce Magnate

University at Large

Paul Hamaguchi’s family has been in the soy sauce business since 1616. That’s more than 400 years – roughly double the age of the University of Virginia, which just turned 200. It’s far older than the United States, too. It’s even older than Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity – Newton himself was not born until 1643 – and it’s just seven years younger than Galileo Galilei’s telescope, which offered its first glimpse of the galaxy in 1609.

BME Student Spotlight: Samantha Perez

School of Engineering

A conversation between the Graduate Biomedical Engineering Society and Samantha Perez, a third year PhD student in Kim Kelly's Lab.

The Remarkable History of DARPA

School of Engineering

When Haydn Wadley first joined UVA, now almost 30 years ago, he came with a passion to change the way materials were processed. He wanted to find ways to probe their structure, and the thermal and other fields within them that changed it, all as the process was underway. He and his students, research scientists and faculty collaborators developed process models that could be used to predict how a process could be changed on the fly to ensure the material being made ended up with the properties it was intended to have. 

The Anatomy of an Open House

Architecture School

On Monday, November 12, 2018, UVA School of Architecture welcomed prospective graduate and PhD students to Charlottesville for a full-day immersion into the life of the School. Among many other insights and experiences, our visitors had a chance to engage with our faculty and students through….

Flown in Syria, Flag Finds Home at UVA

Nursing School

It's tradition to have an American flag present and part of every military operation. Whether neatly folded and tucked in a Air Force cockpit compartment, hung from the interior of a Blackhawk helicopter, displayed on the exterior of an armored vehicle, or hoisted into the breeze atop a Navy ship, the flag provides a metaphoric and physical reminder of service members' connection to freedom, purpose, history, and all the brave men and women who currently serve, and served before.

MLA's Vida Shen Receives VA ASLA Award for Yamuna River Project Proposal

Architecture School

UVA School of Architecture's MLA student, Vida Shen, was awarded a VA ASLA Honor Award for her project, Hybrid Infrastructures: sewage treatment and marsh regeneration, developed as part of the Yamuna River Project Research Studio last year. Sited at the Jahangirpuri marsh in New Delhi, India, Vida's project addresses one of the most critical ecosystems in Delhi which faces serious waste and water quality issues in conjunction with the Coronation Pillar Sewage Treatment Plant which dumps effluents and dirty water into the marsh.

Alumni Spotlight: Baylee Eby

Batten School

2018 has been an exciting year for me. In April, I launched a small business, Dreamer & Co, with my co-founder Jessica Gardner. Dreamer & Co is a social impact company whose mission is to provide job skills and a steady income to young women in the Horn of Africa, helping them realize their potential and feel empowered, dignified, and in turn, flourish in their daily lives. We purchase handcrafted paper beads directly from our partner artisans and we use the beads to create ethically sourced jewelry.

Award in Hand, Grad Student Heads to Nepal to Study 700-Year-Old Texts

College of Arts and Sciences

Devin Zuckerman, a religious studies Ph.D. student at the University of Virginia, will investigate theories of vitality and animation in the writings of three seminal 14th-century Tibetan Buddhist authors in Nepal, thanks to a Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad fellowship. Zuckerman, of Loudoun County, has a Bachelor of Arts in religion from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, and a Master of Divinity degree from Harvard Divinity School. 

Felix Artmann (Class of 2019) Discusses Entrepreneurship and the Darden Experience

Darden School

Felix Artmann (Class of 2019) came to Darden from Frankfurt, Germany. Prior to Darden, he completed his undergraduate degree at Technical University of Munich and co-founded a coffee machine company, Bonaverde, which was one of the top 16 technology projects on Kickstarter in the world in 2013. Felix is involved and holds leadership positions in many organizations at Darden and in the local Charlottesville community.