Student Profile: Leon Yacoubian

Turf Armenia - Designing Sustainable & Affordable Housing

SEAS, Civil Engineering

I learned a tremendous amount at CGI U, met amazing people, and understood new ways on how to expand the future of our project.

Attending The Resolution Project Semi Finals, it was extremely educational to see what the teams had done. Comparing benchmarks is an excellent way to see how we can improve.

In Gymuri, Armenia, a significant portion of the population has been living in domiks, or temporary-living shelters, since the 1988 earthquake. Of the 32% of Armenians who live in poverty, Gymuri has a significantly high rate and this is due to the severity of earthquake damage and a painstakingly slow rebuilding process that, in 2015, is still far from complete ( These shelters are unstable and uninsulated. Many families live in domiks and we hypothesize that by providing these families with earthquake resistant, energy efficient, sustainable, and affordable housing the children of these families will be able to focus on lifting future generations out of poverty instead of spending their energy on survival.

Tuff Armenia Project - 
UVA Student Leads Work to Rebuild Armenian Homes Devastated by Earthquake