Student Profile: Bethany Gordon

Armenia: Resistant, Sustainable, & Affordable Housing

In collaboration with Leon Yacoubian and multiple other students. Santiago Roco attended CGIU with them on this same project.

SEAS, Civil Engineering

Bethany Gordon“I am part of a generation that is frequently criticized for being too self-centered, but CGIU is the antithesis to this claim; the breadth of commitments at CGIU 2016 shows that we're paying attention to and care about the problems that continue to plague disadvantaged members of our communities. It's very easy to believe from watching the news that the future is grim, but CGIU made me stop and understand that it doesn't have to be and that there are a lot of people who are fighting alongside me to make sure that we continue to advance as a global community.

One of the most evident things about bringing together different schools is the different approaches to problem solving. When presented with a problem, engineering students, humanities students, architecture students, business students will all approach it using different methods.

What I now understand better than ever is that these methods aren't mutually exclusive and it is essential that we combine all of them in order to create any sort of outstanding work.

CGIU students may have come from all over the world, but there is something very familiar about attitudes and approaches of the various participants. I quickly recognized a spark and an energy in most other attendees that I also treasure in myself. It's a passion to create positive change and mend social injustice through innovation. It's something that transcends labels of nationality, gender, race, or ability.”