Student Profile: Adam Jones

Microhub: Assessing Higher Education in Rwanda Refugee Camp

College of Arts & Sciences, Economics / Computer Science

The Adam Jones project involved collaboration with a team of 4 students.

Student Adam JonesI had a phenomenal time! I had great networking opportunities, heard some of the best speakers I could imagine, and took part in substantive panels. CGIU was honestly one of the best times I've had at UVA, both professionally and personally.

The panels and speakers profoundly impacted my view on career prospects. Before CGIU, service and civic action seemed like a thing to do after work, but now I see that they are integral to the work I want to do. Helping people and creating lasting change are now at the center of what I want to do with my life.

Being with other UVA students from different backgrounds definitely helped me think more deeply about my own project, while also considering the projects of others. Feedback was mutual, and the thoughts and conversations I had with my peers would not have been possible without the CGIU environment.

Seeing how some schools incorporate projects into the classroom, and others are completely independent with no institutional instruction was very interesting. The infrastructure in place at UVA to help finance student projects like ours was definitely unique, and I felt very fortunate for receiving the help we've been given so far.