Student Profile: 2016 Diane Wilson

Diane Wilson 2016 CGi U Applicant

21st Century Citizens Initiative: Ghana

CLAS, Finance and Business Management

The Ghana project involved collaboration with two other students and was later supported by UVA for the 2016 Davis Peace Prize.

A M A Z I N G ! I was truly overwhelmed with the amount of great scholars and friendly people I met there. I have new blossoming friendships that will last forever. As well as a new network of social service workers.

There were students from every discipline and it was very interesting to see how some implemented that into their project while others used their project as a way to satisfy their urges for social service that their major may not afford them. It is always great to be outside of the UVa bubble and meet new people and receive different perspectives.

I met amazing students who have like-minded ideals about the progression of our country and the world. It was amazing to learn from some of the greatest leaders today, like Representative John Lewis and the Honorable Mrs. Obiageli Ezekwesili