Guidelines for Submission

We find ourselves in this challenging moment of coronavirus pandemic which has disrupted and changed our everyday lives. During this time, we want to hear from our global community and capture stories from these uncertain times along with extraordinary tales of resilience.

To help you get started, here are some guidelines and some prompts.


The entry for the diary is loosely called a post. You can contribute with your writing, poem, drawings, photos, a collection of images or make an audio or a video diary.

For written piece, we are looking for 400-700 word article. You could write a post from your area of expertise, about maintaining global collaborations or your observations at this time.

For video and audio recording:

  1. Clean sound: Make sure the sound is clear
  2. Recording on your phone: Flip your phone to widescreen. Do NOT shoot in vertical.
  3. The audio and video diary should be at least 1-2 minutes long but not longer than 5 minutes.

PLAN IN ADVANCE -- While informal, casual and intimate is great, it would be better to think about your thoughts before you write your piece down, or record it.

Don’t be afraid to experiment – with your writing, images, and visuals.

Please send your submissions to


How are you adjusting to life under quarantine?

What impact did COVID have on you and your plans?

What are you working on?

How are you staying connected with your friends and family around the world?

Why global matters?

We want to hear about the small pleasures, the stories of hardships, your realizations and your observations.

About the author: Name, place, your connection with UVA and any other fact you would like to add