UVA Global annual report 2022-23
Full Return to International Engagement

Welcome to UVA Global Affairs third Annual Impact Report!

In these pages, you’ll learn about a dramatic rebound in study abroad programming to a host of old and new locations, including a record-breaking number of international J-Term courses; continued strong international student enrollment; exciting new global research including undergraduates; booming growth in the already popular Global Studies major; and a rich array of programming that brought to Grounds world leaders, ambassadors, and brave democracy activists fighting against repressive regimes, who inspired us all.


" I took trains across the UK, rode buses, and traversed the Underground, I cultivated independence, self-confidence, directional awareness, and navigating skills I didn’t realize I had. Adapting to a new culture and realizing the differences between societies and cultures was fascinating. I don’t think I can comprehend or communicate how much traveling abroad has enriched me socially, mentally, and in other ways.

Joseph G., Arcadia London Internship

“The CGII funds will be used for traveling to Philippines to conduct my ethnographic research to learn more about Philippine nursing and understand the contemporary and connect contemporary with historical aspects."

Ren Capucao, Fulbright Scholar

“I’ve often wondered how people in Europe are able to travel to countries that speak a different language but I understand it. Even though you may not speak the language, you can still communicate with people…I learned to not be afraid  when visiting foreign countries.”

Garrett Piazza, UVA in Valencia

By the Numbers

Students studied abroad in 355 programs in 77 countries
International students from 105 countries
International partnerships
International faculty & staff