UVA China Expert on What to Expect From Trump's Five-Nation Asia Tour

University at Large

On Friday, President Trump began a 12-day Asian trip, visiting Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. Though he will touch many bases and meet many leaders, he is unlikely to mend the gap in American-Asian relationships opened by his rejection of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in January, according to University of Virginia politics professor and China expert Brantly Womack.

Road to Recovery: Students are Building Better Maps for Puerto Rico Aid Workers

University at Large

For remote Puerto Rican communities dealing with the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria, accurate maps can mean the difference between receiving critical supplies and facing another day of shortages. On Thursday afternoon, groups of volunteers gathered in the University of Virginia’s Scholars’ Lab for a “Mapathon for Puerto Rico Disaster Relief.”

Q&A: 10 Questions About Facebook and Russian Propaganda

University at Large

This week, lawyers from Facebook, Google and Twitter testified before three congressional hearings on how Russian agents are using their platforms to influence American politics. They confirmed that Russia-backed social media ads spread to at least 126 million Facebook users and 20 million Instagram users. 

Studying at UVA Law to Make Life Better Back Home

School of Law

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, a housing crisis and a flawed welfare program have left tens of thousands of citizens living in slums. Cecelia Dieuzeide, an Argentine lawyer, human rights advocate and now student in the University of Virginia School of Law, is fighting to change that.

A&S Expanding Study Abroad Options for First Years

College of Arts and Sciences

Arts & Sciences faculty voted last week to approve a second study abroad option for incoming students interested in starting their University of Virginia academic career overseas. Next fall, 20 first-year students enrolled in the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences will have the opportunity to study at Fudan University in Shanghai. 

Breaking Stereotypes: All-Female Dance Group Sends Message of Empowerment

University at Large

Founded in 2002, Sharaara is the University’s only all-female, nationally competitive Bollywood fusion dance team. Through dance, Sharaara not only strives to break barriers when it comes to the way all-female dance groups are viewed, but its performances promote awareness of South Asian culture at the University.

Ilja Orre (Class of 2018) on Darden's International Student Experience

Darden School

Ilja Orre is a current second year student at Darden. Originally from Finland, Ilja came to the U.S. to attend the College of William & Mary on a tennis scholarship, where he earned his BBA in 2012. At Darden, he is involved in the Darden Student Association, serving as the VP for International.

Determined Undergrad Helps School in Nigeria Rebuild After Terrorist Attack

University at Large

University of Virginia second-year student Oluwatimiehin Ayoh, who goes by “Timi,” chose to help St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Madalla, a suburb of Abuja, that was badly damaged when the explosion and coordinated attacks by Islamist militant group Boko Haram happened in Nigeria in 2011.

Batten's United Nations Internships: "Utterly Invaluable" Experiences Abroad, and In New York

Batten School

Different Students talk about their experiences through the United Nation's Internships and experiences abroad. 

Jewish Alum Who Funded Palestinian Friend's Tuition is Still Helping Everyone Get Along


Joey Katona, the 2010 University of Virginia graduate said he has always been drawn to conflict – not because he is spoiling for a fight, but because he loves to resolve and learn from it. During his four years at UVA, Katona raised money to pay for schooling for a Palestinian teen he met. 

UVA Astronomer Selected to Guide New Horizons Spacecraft to New, Tiny World

University at Large

NASA selected University of Virginia astronomer Anne Verbiscer as an assistant project scientist to help pick which chunks of rock and ice, among millions, to observe as the spacecraft rushes along at 30,800 mph on its 3-billion-mile journey into deep space. 

Nicolas Turrillas Voboril (Class of 2018) on Global Career Experiences

Darden School

Nicolas Voboril is a second-year student from Santiago, Chile. Before attending Darden, Nicolas worked in the energy industry, focused on natural gas utility. He received his B.E. from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile in 2010. Nicolas is involved in the Latin American Student Association and Soccer Club at Darden.

Digital Map Helps Historians Get Granular with Holocaust Research

University at Large

Waitman Beorn, a lecturer in UVA’s Corcoran Department of History and a consultant to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, has studied the Holocaust from a geographic perspective before and was looking for a way to create an interactive map of the Lviv ghetto and the nearby Janowska concentration camp.

Darden Hosts PAD Part-Time MBAs for International Partner Program

Darden School

Darden welcomed a second group from the University of Piura’s PAD School of Management to grounds last week for another week-long International Partner Program. Thirty-two part-time MBA students from Peru joined Darden’s Center for Global Initiatives for the week to study entrepreneurship and innovation and to visit local companies. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton to Participate in UVA Forum on Women's Global Leadership

University at Large

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will headline the Women's Global Leadership Forum, a two-day University of Virginia symposium that will draw leaders from across the country and around the world to explore the role of women in 21st-century democracy.

Making a Difference: UVA Community is Giving Back in Wake of Natural Disasters

University at Large

Elizabeth Alvarez, a nurse in the University of Virginia Health System, decided she would help those in Puerto Rico after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. She set up a GoFundMe page and she will take what she collects to Patillas at the of the month and said volunteers can contact her via her GoFundMe page.

In-Kind Donations Collected at UVA for Hurricane Relief in the Caribbean

Batten School

Hurricane Irma destroyed 95 percent of buildings and left thousands of inhabitants homeless in the twin-island state of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean last month. When Ph.D. Nursing student Christina Ross learned that a close friend lost both her house and her two-year-old son in the disaster, she took action.

Darden Hosts PAD Executive MBA Students for Program Focused on Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Darden School

Darden’s Center for Global Initiatives hosted 38 Executive MBA students and faculty on grounds this week from Darden’s partner school in Peru, PAD School of Management. The theme of this year’s International Partner Program focused on entrepreneurship and innovation and was led by the faculty team.

Miller Center Experts Aid PBS Production of "The Vietnam War"

University at Large

With its sweeping look at one of the most tumultuous periods in American history, the PBS documentary “The Vietnam War” captivated viewers around the country when it debuted in late September. Experts at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center worked as consultants on the project to ensure that those perspectives included the private musings of three American presidents.

Four Members of Darden's European Society Discuss Darden and Charlottesville

Darden School

Darden MBA Admissions Director, Katherine Alford, recently sat down with four members of Darden’s European Society to talk to them about why they chose Darden, why they decided to pursue an MBA outside of their home countries, and what their experiences have been like so far in Darden and Charlottesville.