UVA Students Making a Healthy Impact, From the Great Plains of Peru

Center for Global Health

The University of Virginia’s Center for Global Health University Scholars work on a variety of projects, from bison grazing in South Dakota to cancer care in Peru. The scholarships are awarded each year by the Center for Global Health, supporting mentored global health research experiences in underserved communities and, as a byproduct, facilitating the development of leaders for global health. 

Two College Faculty Win Guggenheim Fellowships

College of Arts and Sciences

On April 4, two Arts & Sciences faculty members—Anna Brickhouse, professor of English, and Thomas Klubock, professor of history—were awarded Guggenheim Fellowships by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. 

Innovating and Starting Up a Learning Venture in Israel

McIntire School

Israel has been called the “startup nation” with good reason: Innovation and entrepreneurship drive the economy, shape policy, and fuel development throughout the tiny, arid land. As home to the world’s highest number of startups per capita, Israel offers an unmatched business education experience and a fitting destination for McIntire’s Global Commerce Immersion (GCI) program. 

Students and Alumni Unite in London Darden Worldwide Course

Darden School

Thirty-six second year students recently traveled to the United Kingdom for the Global Topics Course on Global Capital Markets led by finance professor Yiorgos Allayannis. The course, held 26-30 March, was the second that professor Allayannis has led in London with the support of Darden’s Center for Global Initiatives.

'Like Watching a Watergate Documentary on Fast-Forward'

Global Affairs

On Monday, the FBI raided the Manhattan offices of President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen. On Tuesday morning, we spoke with Hughes and asked him to provide some historical context for the dramatic raids.

Law Professor Finds Unexpected Family Ties to World Figure, UVA's Past

Law School

University of Virginia law professor George Yin, an expert in tax policy, has a keen interest in history, including his own family tree. But one family connection he learned about this year came as a shocker that could easily have been an episode of “Finding Your Roots” or “History Detectives.”

2018 Hannah Graham Memorial Awards Announced

University at Large

Now in its third year, the University of Virginia’s 2018 Hannah Graham Memorial Award will support work to improve maternal health in Rwanda and women’s working conditions in Senegal. Navya Annapareddy, a first-year student who aims to double major in biomedical engineering and media studies, and Jordan Beeker, a second-year student and prospective double major in global development studies and economics will participate in these studies to promote health and development.

Catherine Aranda Explores How Design Principles Inform Business Strategy on Darden Course to Barcelona

Darden School

Catherine Aranda (Class of 2018) recently participated in "Strategy by Design," the Darden Worldwide Course to Barcelona, led by Professor Jeanne Liedtka. She shares about her experiences and thoughts about the course. 

Q&A: Ecuadorian Student is Raising Money and Awareness of Latin America

McIntire School

As president of the student organization Towards a Better Latin America, fourth-year McIntire School of Commerce student Mateo Semerene has helped raise money for several disaster relief efforts.

Q&A: Tearing Down Barriers the Key for the First Blind Climber of Mount Everest

University at Large

On Thursday, Erik Weihenmayer – the first blind person to climb Mount Everest and the Seven Summits – gave an inspiring talk in the Dome Rome of the University of Virginia’s Rotunda. UVA Today talked with Weihenmayer, the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy’s Class of 2018 spring speaker.

Academic, Cultural and Professional: Jason Holman (Class of 2018) Talks Global Experiences from Two of Darden's Worldwide Courses

Darden School

Jason Holman (Class of 2018) is a current second year student at Darden. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Economics and Political Science in 2011, Jason worked for Discover Financial Services in Chicago where he primarily focused on new digital product development and business development. After graduating this May, Jason will be joining the Boston Consulting Group’s Denver office full time.

Executive MBA Students Explore Beijing and Shanghai During China Residency

Darden School

Darden’s Class of 2019 Executive MBA students recently completed their residency in China, with time in both Beijing and Shanghai. During the residency, students visited a variety of companies such Leyard Group and Satoni, engaging in discussions and hearing from leaders. Darden Professors Dennis Yang and Rual Chao taught courses focused on global economics and operations.

The Drive Toward an All-Electric Future and Why It Matters

Global Affairs

Researchers at UVA's Darden School of Business are beginning to see clear signs that the future of all-electric vehicles may be closer than we think. Last May, the Darden School launched an initiative to explore how innovations in the business world might bring solutions to bear on climate change. The Business Innovation and Climate Change Initiative is conducting in-depth analysis of several key issues at the intersection of business and the climate challenge.

UVA's First Ertegun Scholar is Loving Her Time in Oxford

College of Arts and Sciences

Emily Cox graduated from UVA in 2017 with a degree in art history, one of only 100 College of Arts & Sciences graduates to earn a degree last year in just three years. When she walked the Lawn, she had already been accepted in the Mica and Ahmet Ertegun Graduate Scholarship Programme in the Humanities, which brings top graduate students to Oxford for master’s and doctoral programs.

Dialogue With the Dalai Lama: A 15-Year Journey in Mindfulness and Education

University at Large

This month, University of Virginia developmental psychologist Tish Jennings traveled to India to share her latest research on mindfulness and teacher stress with the Dalai Lama. In itself, the opportunity is an honor and an accomplishment. For Jennings, it’s also a moment nearly 15 years in the making.

Darden Welcomes Students and Staff from HWZ Zurich for International Management Program

Darden School

Darden’s Center for Global Initiatives hosted a week-long International Partner Program for the Zürich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration (HWZ) 12-16 March. The program, focused on international management, included courses on business ethics, strategy and leadership from the Darden faculty team of Bobby Parmar, Raj Venkatesan, Andy Wicks, Luca Cian and Ed Freeman.

Global Leadership in Crisis? Dean Beardsley Joins Panel on Preparing Leaders for the Unique Challenges of the 21st Century

Darden School

Watch Dean Scott Beardsley discuss global leadership in the 21st century alongside Dean Risa Goluboff of UVA’s School of Law and Dean Allan Stam of the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. This unprecedented panel discussion was presented by the UVA Tri-Sector Fellows Program administered by Darden’s Institute for Business in Society.

UVA Historian Leads National Geographic's Unusual Self-Examination

College of Arts and Sciences

In the fall, National Geographic magazine approached University of Virginia history professor John Edwin Mason with an unusual request. Could Mason, Editor-in-Chief Susan Goldberg asked, help the magazine examine and acknowledge the racist coverage that predominated a large chunk of its 130-year history? Mason, who teaches both African history and the history of photography, was well-equipped for the task, and his analysis features heavily in a much-heralded letter from the editor that Goldberg published last week.

UVA's Global Water Initiative Brings Bright Minds to a Big Global Problem

University at Large

The University of Virginia’s recently formed Global Water Initiative is ready to take on one of our most pressing global challenges. The group, which launched its website this week, is focused on the challenges of distributing and sharing fresh and clean water among its many users: cities, agriculture and, not in the least, the environment. 

UVA to Host International Conference on Interpreting Slavery and its Legacies

University at Large

Exploring this shared history – portraying the horrors of slavery, as well as the resistance, creativity and resilience of enslaved peoples – will be the focus of an international conference at the University of Virginia from March 19 to 21. The event, “Interpreting and Representing Slavery and Its Legacies in Museums and Sites: International Perspectives,” will examine the variety of approaches used at museums and sites around the Atlantic to represent the history and legacies of the slave trade, slavery and emancipation.