Professor's Bonhoeffer Biography Wins Book Award

College of Arts and Sciences

Charles Marsh’s in-depth biography of the devout pastor who stood up to Hitler’s laws won the 2015 Christianity Today Book Award in Biography/History.

Researchers Receive Grant to Study Ebola

School of Medicine

A tool designed to diagnose Ebola quickly and cheaply could save countless lives, allowing for earlier isolation and care of patients while reducing future outbreaks.

U.Va. Student Attends U.N. Conference on Climate Change

College of Arts and Sciences

Fourth-year student Dyanna Jaye was selected as a United States youth delegate to the 2014 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

U.Va. Grad Takes International Film Community by Storm

McIntire School

Jamie Sisley has taken his short film, “Stay Awake,” to the esteemed Berlin International Film Festival.

Fourth-Year Shares Her Path on Grounds and Abroad

College of Arts and Sciences

Kiana Williams spent last summer abroad in Peru, where she studied indigenous communities and their relations to public policy and globalization in the mining industry.

McIntire Alum to Premiere Film at Berlin Film Festival

McIntire School

“Stay Awake,” a new film written and directed by McIntire alum Jamie Sisley (McIntire ‘05), has been accepted to the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival.

U.Va.’s Nursing Students Without Borders Works in El Salvador

Nursing School

In January, UVA's Nursing Students Without Borders celebrated the groundbreaking of a new medical clinic in San Sebastián, El Salvador, for which they’ve independently raised $95,000 since 2004. 

U.Va. Tops "Best Value" List as #1 Public University

University at Large

U.Va. is ranked as the nation’s top public school for affordability, academics and career prospects by the Princeton Review.

Curry Researchers Work in Latin America

Curry School

Inter-American Development Bank commissions education researchers at U.Va.’s Curry School of Education to analyze the classroom experiences of young students in Brazil, Chile and Ecuador.

2015 Casteen Diversity Award Nominations Open

Office for Diversity and Equity

The University is accepting nominations for the Casteen Diversity-Equity Inclusion Leadership Award for a student, faculty or staff member who has demonstrated a deep commitment to diversity in the U.Va. community.

Darden Hosts Second Annual Global Conference

Darden School

Six Darden student clubs and the Center for Global Initiatives hosted the second annual Darden Global Conference, with the theme of “Challenging the Status Quo”.

Sullivan Establishes "Cornerstone Plan" to Sustain U.Va. Excellence

Office of the President

Sullivan spoke on new measures meant to address concerns about student safety and sexual misconduct, and also emphasized U.Va's progress towards advancing itself as a global leader in academics and innovation.

U.Va. Russia Expert Comments on Fall of Ruble

College of Arts and Sciences

Politics Professor Allen C. Lynch offers insights into the decline of the Russian currency.

Policy Veterans Share Real-World Lessons in New U.Va. MOOC

Batten School

The Batten School of Public Policy and Leadership is offering the class "Public Policy Challenges of the 21st Century" as a MOOC beginning this Sunday, making it the first comprehensive policy survey course offered online. 

Internationally Renowned Chair and CEO Offers 10 Career Lessons to U.Va. Students

Darden School

David Williams is Chair and CEO of Merkle Inc., a company with more than 2,000 employees in locations in the United States, China and the United Kingdom.

U.Va. Physicists Engage in Neutrino Research With Fermilab

College of Arts and Sciences

Lead physicist Craig Dukes came to U.Va. in 1989 from a postdoctoral fellowship at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN.

Global Executive MBA Residency in India

Darden School

Global Executive MBA program students travelled to Mumbai and New Delhi, the first of six international residencies they will complete over the course of earning their degrees. 

Study: American Liberals and Conservatives Think as if From Different Cultures

College of Arts and Sciences

The new cultural psychology study finds that liberals and conservatives think as if they were from completely different cultures – almost as different as East and West.

Allen Lynch

U.Va. Russia Expert Comments on Fall of Ruble

College of Arts and Sciences

Politics Professor Allen C. Lynch offers insights into the decline of the Russian currency.

Law School Traces the History of Magna Carta

Law School

In celebration of the Magna Carta's 800th birthday, the U.Va. Law School Remembers the document and it's influence.