Politics Professor Earns Research Grant On Non-State Actors

College of Arts and Sciences

John M. Owen IV has earned a Humboldt Research Award and will study various international groups in Germany for a year.

International Cooperation Yields Unprecedented View of Jupiter's Moon

University at Large

The Large Binocular Telescope is an international collaboration among institutions in the United States, Italy and Germany.

Center for Politics Receives Emmy Nomination for a MOOC

Center for Politics

“The Kennedy Half Century,” is a massive open online course available on and iTunes U streamed worldwide and available globally.

Global Studies Majors Find Job Success

College of Arts and Sciences

About 110 students graduated from the major in its first four years, with students beginning careers in a variety of fields, volunteering their time to the Peace Corps, pursuing higher degrees, and entering public service and non-profit work.

U.Va. Grads Pursue Fulbrights for Study Abroad in Record Numbers

University at Large

Fourteen U.Va. alumni and graduate students have been offered the grants, presented by the U.S. Department of State, in countries all around the world.

U.Va. Alums Are a Hit in China’s Pop Music Scene

University at Large

Peter Habib and Adam Nierow founded Mr. Fantastic, their production company, in 2006 and have found success in the Chinese music industry.

Alumna is Reducing Poverty, One Loan at a Time

University at Large

Karissa Nanetta is one of five “Kiva Zip Fellows,” working with microfinance leader Kiva Microfunds to provide small-scale, no-interest loans to impoverished entrepreneurs who lack access to traditional banking systems.

Darden's i.Lab Incubator Program Incorporates International Influences

Darden School

Among selected start-up teams are the Eraracs and their product PureHibi, a hibiscus flower tea popular in Northern Africa, the Caribbean and parts of Latin America.

Grant to Support New Grad's Public Health Work in South Africa

University at Large

Maya Wright is one of the first recipients of a grant from the Minority Health International Research Training program, and will be returning to Limpopo in South Africa to assist community health workers on how to better deal with hypertension, traditional medicine, and the treatment of HIV .

Class of 2015: Afghan Doctoral Student Studies French Culture

University at Large

Sage Morghan grew up in Kabul, Afghanistan and graduated with a Ph.D. from the Department of French, where she focused on French cinema.

Video: McIntire Grad Balances Ballroom Dance, High Finance

McIntire School

Mircea Cernev, a native Moldovan, came to the University of Virginia as a championship-caliber ballroom dancer and is leaving as a world-class financial analyst.

University Graduates Excelled in Scholarship and Honors All Around the World

University at Large

The Class of 2015 has distinguished itself in many ways, earning dozens of prestigious national and University-wide honors and scholarships, including awards for projects that have international focuses.

Class of 2015: James Duke Shares His Passion for South Asia

College of Arts and Sciences

After studying South Asian culture over the past few years - and winning a number of foreign language scholarships in the process - James Duke will travel to India after final exercises.

Class of 2015: Nursing Students Take their Skills to the World

School of Nursing

Among the graduating class are a native Ghanaian determined to improve the health and wellness of citizens in his home country, and a Panamanian adoptee who returned to her native country as a student nurse volunteer.

U.Va. Professor Conducts Study on Global Food Supply Shortages

College of Arts and Sciences

Paolo D’Odorico of the Environmental Science department reports that international trade and the globalization of food may contribute to the spread of the effects of local shocks in food production throughout the world.

Class of 2015: Student from Singapore Writes Awe-Inspiring Poetry

University at Large

Nora Toh will graduate May 16 with a double major in honors politics and English poetry writing. Her studies have focused on examining transitional identities through poetry, photography and prints.

Anthropologist Examines Ugandan Aid Practices

College of Arts and Sciences

China Scherz is interested in teaching students in a range of disciplines to consider problems and policies related to medical care and international aid.

Class of 2015: Chinese PhD Student Sets Record and Serves Community

University at Large

A native of China’s Szechuan province, Moran Chen won the 2014 Allan T. Gwathmey Memorial Award and volunteers with Madison House's "Adopt a Grandparent" program.

Class of 2015: Venezuelan-born Grad Relishes Local History

University at Large

Aaron Ojalvo has shared his enthusiasm for the history of Charlottesville, U.Va., and Monticello by participating in the Guide service over the past four years.

Hannah Graham’s Parents Create Memorial Award for Global Health

University at Large

Hannah's love of French and publich health inspired her parents to create the award. Recipients will work in a French-speaking developing country, such as Tunisia, Senegal, Morocco or Martinique.