Law School Traces the History of Magna Carta

Law School

In celebration of the Magna Carta's 800th birthday, the U.Va. Law School Remembers the document and it's influence.

Orion Launch

U.Va. Students Attend Orion Launch


Sajan Sheth and Danny McNamara are part of a team of young engineers who designed and built a radiation shield for the spacecraft.

William Antholis

U.Va. Miller Center Names New Director

Miller Center

William Antholis has held key positions at the State Department and has written several articles on global issues.

Director of Review Board Wins Legacy Award

Institutional Review Board for Health Sciences Research

Susie R. Hoffman was honored at the Advancing Ethical Research conference.

Student Travels to Seoul, South Korea for Internship

Student Travels to Seoul, South Korea for Internship

Global Internships

Willie Nuckols, a first-year student in the Engineering School, interned at Samsung in South Korea.