Batten School Dean Studies Global Leadership Trends

Batten School

Allan Stam is the co-author of a new book that studies chief executives from 1870 to the early 2000s - about 2,500 chief executives worldwide - to study why leaders fight and other leadership dillemas.

Darden’s Widespread Reach Across India

Darden School

The Darden School held MBA Admissions events 7,000+ miles away from the Darden campus in cities such as New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Dominican-born Professor Joins McIntire School

McIntire School

Kisha Lashley, who grew up in the Caribbean, studies how businesses’ reputations are made and broken, using examples from the medical marijuana industry.

What’s Behind Putin's Ramped-Up Syria Intervention?

College of Arts and Sciences

Allen Lynch, a U.Va. politics professor and author of “Vladimir Putin and Russian Statecraft,” is available to speak on Moscow’s growing involvement in Syria.

U.Va. Alumna to Compete in Ironman World Championships


Camrynn “Cammie” Genda Fausey – the Ironman 2014 all-world champion for her age group - will compete again this weekend to retain her title. Learn more about her story in this video.

Top European Scholar to Lead U.Va. Design Center

University at Large

Jenny Roe is a native of Scotland, and has concentrated much of her work in the United Kingdom and Western Europe.

Decorated News Journalist Appointed as U.Va. Professor

College of Arts and Sciences

Wyatt Andrews, an award-winning journalist who covered the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the first Gulf War, and historic summit meetings between the United States and the Soviet Union is joining the faculty of the Department of Media Studies.

Grant Places Professor in “Global City Teams Challenge”

College of Arts and Sciences

John Stankovic of the Computer Sciences Department is part of an initiative launched by the National Institute of Standards and Technology showcasing technologies with the potential to transform cities around the world.

U.Va. Press to Digitize World War I Documents

University at Large

U.Va. is preserving the papers of former President Woodrow Wilson, who earned the 1919 Nobel Peace Prize for his role in founding the League of Nations, a precursor to the United Nations.

U.Va. to Recognize 50th Anniversary of NEH

College of Arts and Sciences

Next year, U.Va. will host a forum with the National Endowment for the Humanities on globalization, race, war, the environment, and democratic citizenship.

Virginia Film Festival Announces International Set List

Virginia Film Festival

This year's highly-anticipated festival features over a dozen different international films and directors.

U.Va. Transfer Student Explores Global Interests

College of Arts and Sciences

Xavier Roberts, who graduated with an Associate's degree at age 18, is a Global Studies major and teaches yoga to his fellow classmates.

Darden Student Interns in Google Tokyo Office

Darden School

Christopher Porter, half-Japanese himself, interned as a sales engineer for Google in the Japan office, working alongside a diverse set of peers from Japan, India and France.

Med School Prescribes Travel Safety Tips

School of Medicine

Dr. William Brady and his colleagues have published a new piece in the New England Journal of Medicine with tips for addressing in-flight emergencies.

Mead Grants Enable Global "Dreams"

University at Large

The Mead Endowment is funding faculty projects with a variety of international components, including projects teaching Indian songs, several language programs, and partnerships with the Global Civil Society Lab.

Engineering Students Work on NASA Aircraft

School of Engineering

Named JefferSat Cosmic Ray Mission, undergraduate students have created a high-altitude balloon to collect and study data alongside NASA engineers.

British-Caribbean Author Selected as Distinguished Writer-in-Residence

College of Arts and Sciences

Caryl Phillips, whose work explores the African diaspora in the Caribbean, England and the United States, has been selected as U.Va's next Kapnick writer.

U.Va. Adds New Language Programs

College of Arts and Sciences

Thanks to U.Va.’s Institute for World Languages, students have the opportunity to learn languages such as Bantu and Tibetan.

Darden Hosts Paris Leadership Forum

Darden School

More than 100 students and alumni gathered alongside the Darden Global Advisory Council in France to discuss luxury business practices.

Commerce Program Takes Top Spot in Value Colleges Ranking

McIntire School

McIntire’s high ranking was based on its achievement of “the right balance between reputation, quality and cost to give students a high return on investment and a proven advantage [in] the job market.”