Global Food Festival 2017

One Darden Week ended on Sunday with Darden’s largest global event, the annual Global Food Festival. Sponsored by the Global Business and Culture Club and supported by the Center for Global Initiatives and many of Darden’s affinity clubs, this year’s festival attracted nearly 600 attendees who enjoyed cuisines from 21 different cultures and countries.

So Long, Cassini: UVA Astronomer Celebrates The Successes of Saturn Explorer

University at Large

The Cassini spacecraft is slated to end its phenomenally successful 20-year, 4.9 billion-mile mission in spectacular fashion Friday morning, breaking up and burning like a hurtling meteor toward the multi-ringed planet it has orbited for the last 13 years. University of Virginia planetary astronomer Anne Verbiscer, a participating scientist with the mission, is attending this week’s end-of-mission celebration at the California Institute of Technology.

One Darden Week 2017

Darden School

This week Darden celebrated its diverse global community through various events, workshops and discussions, and with lots of free food! Many of Darden’s affinity clubs hosted the events of the week. See below for pictures from the week and a recap of some of the global events of One Darden Week!

Meet the UVA Alumnus Who Brought Pablo Picasso Back to America


In 1921, Sameul Kootz graduated from the University of Virginia with a law degree. He went on to become one of the 20th century's most famous American art dealers. Kootz, who died in 1982, is perhaps most famous for his relationship with Pablo Picasso. He mounted the first post-war exhibition of Picasso’s work in America at The Samuel Kootz Gallery in New York City.