Nano Mission

A University of Virginia student-built spacecraft, a cube the size of a softball, will be launched into orbit next year as part of a joint NASA mission. UVA's craft will conduct atmospheric density studies. The objective is to better understand the rates at which low-orbiting spacecraft decelerate and ultimately descend to Earth when encountering "drag" of the outer edges of our atmosphere. 

UVA Alumnus Earns Mitchell Scholarship to Study in Ireland


Schuyler Miller wants to help societies better govern themselves and he plans to use a Mitchell Scholarship to learn how to do this.The U.S.-Irish Alliance awarded Miller, who graduated from the University of Virginia in 2015, a Mitchell Scholarship on Saturday.The scholarship covers the cost of one year of graduate work at a university in Ireland.

UVA Architecture Hosts Prominent Philosopher Francois Jullien

Architecture School

World-renowned philosopher, Hellenist, and Sinologist François Jullien gave a lecture at the University of Virginia and took part in a discussion panel with Scott Lash (Goldsmith College London) and Shiqiao Li (School of Architecture, University of Virginia). 

Scholar Showcase: Pramod Inguva (Class of 2018)

Darden School

Having never lived outside of India, Pramod Inguva (Class of 2018) desired to widen his worldview. He wanted to expose himself to different cultures, languages and experiences and decided that pursuing his MBA outside of his home country would provide the perfect opportunity to do just that.

In the Spotlight

Australia: Defending the Ocean

This exhibition includes twenty-one sculptures made of discarded commercial fishing nets that washed up on the shore in the community of Pormpuraaw, north Queensland, Australia. This exhibit is held at Charles L. Brown Science and Engineering Library until January 7. Click here to learn more.